Ozsoy School of Ballet

Curriculum & Attire

Classical Ballet: Beginner to Advanced/Professional
Pointe: Starting at age 11, if qualified
Modern: Levels IV – V
Jazz: Ages 8 and up
Pre-Ballet and Tap: Ages 4-7

Leotard models and colors as follows:

Kinder through Level II, plain black short sleeved, scoop-neck leotard, not shiny; also not shiny pink or flesh- toned (for darker skin tones) tights and pink or matching flesh-toned ballet shoes, black buckle or velcro tap shoes. Level III Bloch tank top leotard model BCL5465 princess style or BCL5405 plain front in Lavender; Level IV Mirella 207L with matching burgundy 12 inch skirt; Level V Mirella 207L with matching black 12 inch skirt. Levels III through V are required to wear pink or flesh-toned (for darker skin tones) tights, pink or flesh-toned (to match tights) ballet shoes, preferably split-soled and leather; and pink or flesh-toned (to match tights) pointe shoes.  All tight and shoe colors must match each other.

We prefer tan tie-up jazz shoes with flesh colored (tan) tights for jazz. Any colored leotard may be worn for jazz – but students must wear a leotard. Jazz shorts or leggings may be worn over leotard, but no sweats or baggy pants. If a student is going into jazz class immediately following ballet class, ballet class attire may be worn in the jazz class with the proper jazz shoe. Modern class requires a black leotard and black footless tights. No shoes are required for modern, but toe undies may be worn.

All female students are required to wear their hair in a bun. If hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail or with a headband. All braids must be pulled to the back of the head and secured.  No wild hairstyles allowed.  Bangs are not allowed and must be secured back away from the face using bobby pins or hair gel.  No hair in the face is allowed even if in a barrette or braid.

Ballet boys are required to wear white crew neck tee shirts, black shorts, or tights with a dance belt, with white ballet shoes and white crew socks.

Black buckle or Velcro tap shoes must be worn for tap class.

***Dance wear may be purchased from the studio (limited to Revolution brand only) or any dance wear store of your choice. We do not sell pointe shoes.